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Preeceville's Golden West Hotel

Preeceville, c. 1912. Source
The hotel shortly after it was built in 1912. Source

Swan Carlson and his wife Emma moved the Preeceville in 1911 and set up a soda fountain and restaurant. After their business was destroyed by fire in December 1914, Swan decided to buy the Golden West Hotel. The three-storey hotel had been built in 1912 by Scott Rattray. The Carlsons operated the Golden West until 1917. A few other owners followed. 

Swan and Emma Carlson, n.d.  Lines of the Past (1982)
In 1929, the Oscar Mattison family bought the Golden West Hotel for $5000. For about a year and half, the Mattisons managed to meet the payments on the hotel. Then the Depression of the 1930s took its toll, and for many years the owners were only able to pay the interest and taxes. To help make ends meet, Mrs. Mattison made all the bread for the hotel. She also kept a couple of cows for milk until about 1938. The Mattison family continued to operate the Golden West Hotel until 1968.   
Golden West Hotel c1940 source

Subsequent owners of the Golden West Hotel have been Joe and Lucy Kruk (1968-1971), Peter and Monty Sharber (1971-1973), Albert and Erika Hanke (1973-1976), Marvin and Norma Abrahamson (1976-1987), Darton Holdings Ltd. (1987-1996), Reid Junek (1996-1998), and Brock Junek (1998-2001).

Roger and Shannon Prestie have been the owners of this venerable Preeceville hotel since 1991. In January, 2001, Shannon Prestie was recognized by the Stanford Who’s Who, an elite organization of selected executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world, as a leading professional for her work in the hospitality industry. The press release reads: “As owner of Golden West Hotel for the past 21 years, Shannon has consistently demonstrated the vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be successful in the business world. It is the only historical business in the [Preeceville] area operating as it was originally built. The establishment has a tavern that serves food and alcohol as well as providing casino machines. The Golden West Hotel is currently undergoing restorations on the hotel rooms. Shannon is responsible for running the operation along with Roger Prestie. She manages the hotel and bar scheduling, accounting, bookkeeping, and ordering. In addition, Shannon oversees the work of three employees. She is a certified Video Lottery Operator and also has National Food and Safety Certification. Shannon is a member of the Saskatchewan Hotels and Hospitality Association. Actively involved in the community, she donates to the local figure skating club and participates in school fundraisers.”

Golden West Hotel, 2003

Preeceville hotel, 2006.  Courtesy of Ruth Bitner
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  1. Milden Saskatchewan Hotel burned in the summer of 1985.

    Craik Saskatchewan Hotel burned about the year 2000 (???)

  2. Thanks! I have the Craik hotel fire down as 2003 (see list under Hotel Fires), but I didn't have Milden. I'll add it to the list. So far, I have 145 (now 146) hotels on the burned-down list, but there must be lots more.

  3. I am so very pleased to find your blog. I write about the historic hotels of British Columbia, and like Joan Champ, I have a listing of the tragic hotel fires that took place in this province over the years and it's getting longer all the time. Thank-you for your very informative and interesting blog - I shall spend some time here and in your links.

  4. I appreciate your interest, Glen. I rarely have time to write new posts these days, but hope to pick it up again before too long.