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A.B.C. Hotels







The first and only hotel in Asquith was built in 1906 by Andrew Lunn. Named the Arlington Hotel, it had a bar, a barber shop, and a laundry. Once the hotel was established, Lunn moved on to establish more hotels in Saskatchewan, including one at Rosthern. Miss Emma Brown who had worked for Lunn as a chambermaid become the owner of the Arlington Hotel after he left. Emma Brown operated the hotel for over 30 years. She died in 1956 at age 93.



Built in 1906, the Bladworth Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1933. The fire broke out in the old barroom. Tom Anderson, the hotel's proprietor, lost $1500 in cash as a result of the fire -- a lot of money to lose during the Depression.



Jerry MacRoberts built the City Hotel in Brownlee in 1909. It contained a bar, restaurant, bowling alley, and dance hall. In 1911, Jim Conner took over the hotel and operated it until the bar was closed in 1915 due to Prohibition. In 1916, Charlie Yock bought the hotel and ran it as a boarding house. The hotel burned down on June 30, 1929 along with many other businesses along Brownlee's main street.


The Carlyle Hotel and the Del Monte Hotel, 1908. Source

The Arlington Hotel (formerly the Carlyle Hotel), c1916. Source
The stone and brick Carlyle Hotel was built in 1901 by Ben Hollonquist. A year later, a syndicate composed of J & E Abercrombie, Porteous, and others built the Del Monte Hotel across the street from the Carlyle. In 1913, a third storey was added to the Carlyle Hotel. Its name was changed to the Empire Hotel, then to the Arlington Hotel in 1916 by owner James Anderson. Businesses which operated out of the Arlington were the town butcher shop, a harness shop and a hardware store.



Working on the balcony of the Avenmore Hotel, 1910. Source
Frank and Harry Crozier built the Avenmore Hotel in Carnduff in 1909. Harry and his wife Jessie operated this hotel for 40 years. They lived in the hotel with their daughters Irene and Laura and their son Lloyd.



Merchant's Hotel, Caron, c. 1912. Source








The Colonsay Hotel was built in 1910. In 1917 during Prohibition, the 22-room hotel was turned over - ironically - to the Saskatchewan Brewing Company by the owner, a Mr. Daley, who owed the company $3,300. Peter and Rosalina Pura bought the hotel from the brewing company for $3,000 in February 1920. the hotel was destroyed by fire in October of that same year. The Puras had insured the hotel at a value of $14,500, and were awarded $13,500. The insurance company appealed this payment, claiming that the total amount of insurance was greater than the actual value of the hotel at the time of the fire. The jury agreed, and the insurance companies were awarded $8,000.



Hotel Waldorf, Craik, 1914. Source

Craik Hotel, 1952. Source
The two-storey hotel in Craik was built in 1903. It was destroyed by fire 100 years later in 2003.



. Source
The Imperial Hotel at Cupar was built in 1906. After the provincial liquor laws allowed women into bars in 1961, the hotel proprietors Henry and Laura Erhart commissioned a mural for the bar from Plains Cree artist Sandford Fisher of the Gordon Reserve.

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